lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music



To everyone saying Taylor Nation favored certain people for the live chat

The contest terms and conditions said that a panel of judges from a third party selects the winners. Not saying she didn’t read them but I don’t think she personally selected them, it was probably afterwards she was able to read them.

I can clarify this. I talked to Taylor Nation people at it about how this worked and basically lots of people were reading them, and then they together decided on winners. After they called us and everything was set, they gave Taylor our essays and such and she read them all and the night before they changed the time for the thing to end a couple hours later. She decided after reading our essays to throw us a pizza party. So she didn’t invite us herself to the live chat, but she invited us to her home after reading them.

taylor saying how RED was a devastating album and how this one is the carefree happiness that comes after recovery of a heartbreak from that has me SO EXCITED because that’s where I am right now and just like baby girl gets me every time. she always knows exactly what I need.

wonderpstruck: what was in the goodie bags???

we got a tote bag that’s blue with seagulls on it, the black shirt that says shake it off TS 1989 in two sizes and the players gonna play tank top

Anonymous: Did Taylor eat the pizza? What else was in her fridge besides greek yogurt?? :)

she ate pizza yes. we all watched her eat it. and idk,i think i saw fruit. she didn’t open it really far.

Anonymous: What kind of Greek yogurt did Taylor have?

when she opened her fridge she didn’t open it far and all i saw was a lot of greek yogurt.

Anonymous: did her apartment not have an elevator?

it wasn’t big enough to get 89 people up quick enough i guess plus it would’ve sucked for the people in the building too.

confetti falls to the ground

La gente le gusta la música cuando están en el amor, pero ellos no lo necesitan tanto. Necesitas música cuando se está perdiendo a alguien o estás suspirando por alguien o te olvidas de alguien o usted está tratando de procesar lo que acaba de suceder.

Anonymous: I'M SO HAPPY YOU GOT TO DO THE THING THAT MUST'VE BEEN THE BEST EVER. Hopefully that's me someday.

thank you thank you thank you just don’t give up okay? it’ll happen just don’t give up.

I’ve been bitter for a long time about meet and greets and club red and how its handled and i said fuck it to that about a year ago and so many good taylor things have happened to me because of that. idont know if thats why but idk, it makes sense.

my biggest fear was going into the live stream last night knowing i’d be hearing it for the first time with Taylor right in front of me and having an EW face on if I hated it but its so perfect and catchy and i love it. SO happy i didn’t hate this song, SO happy.